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My Background
The love of Patina...


Hi! I'm Laurie Semerjian. 

I have always appreciated the great design, colors, textures, and solid wood of antiques and vintage furniture.  Lauren Originals restored, repurposed and hand painted pieces reflects my love and experience with every brush stroke!

With an educational background in Art and Graphic Design, my passion for painting started many years ago.  I began hand painting furniture for family and friends preferring the "hands-on" aspect of creativity. 

This love of creativity has led to the start of my small business, Lauren Originals, where I do custom work and create new hand painted and repurposed items. You can find available items in my Etsy Shop - Lauren Originals Home

Custom Work Available at my Studio in Franklin, MA

Please contact me for an estimate on refinishing your classic vintage and heirloom pieces, or to see my inventory of available customizable furniture.

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